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This is How It Happens

Okay, my friends. I actually don't recommend using yourselves as a nickel allergy experiment, but it looks like that's what I've gone ahead and done.

My, That's Annoying
This is how it happens ... to us all of the time in all of these little ways. We just go about living life, and we scratch. We don't think about why we're scratching, it's just a little thing. I've had this little spot for a few days, at least, and for the last couple of days the only thing I've really thought is how annoying it is.

You would think that I, being me, would know better. Here I am, living in this Nickel-free world where I'm thinking about nickel, warning people about it and generally doing all my research so that you and I can wear shiny things that don't hurt ... you would think I would be alert to this kind of thing. But no, I had to go about living life in an ordinary kind of way, and it got me into trouble.

Well, you may not know this about me, but I play t…