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Nickel Allergy - It's Not Just a Rash

You know, I'm pretty lucky. I think it's good, now and then to take stock of what's good in life. One way that I'm lucky is that my biggest ongoing health concern is my nickel allergy, which is totally manageable by choosing to wear nickel-free jewelry.

Every now and then, on my blog or website, I have made mention of nickel allergies so severe that you have to control what you eat, and even what you cook your food in. However, my knowledge of severe nickel allergies has been pretty slim, and since my allergy is not that severe, thankfully, the extreme end of the spectrum is pretty easy to ignore. I think I may be overlooking the importance of the problem, though, and I suspect you may be, too. My assumption has been that since my nickel allergy is not currently that severe, it never will be.

Let's think this through. I know (and you should know) that the more your nickel allergy rash becomes irritated,  the more severe your allergy will become in the long run (7)