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'Tis the Season

It won't be long now, and we'll be drinking egg nog, singing carols, and exchanging gifts under the tree. Some of the gifts exchanged will be jewelry, some of that jewelry will contain nickel, and some of that nickel will starts a nickel allergy rash which lasts a lifetime. So, um, not to be a party-pooper, but let's think about that.

Gift giving and receiving does not always follow the rules of logic by which we live our ordinary lives. We are willing and happy to wear certain jewelry because it was a gift from a certain someone, whether that someone was grandma, husband, or friend.

Every now and then I need to talk to the people who are not wearing jewelry, but giving it away.  Some of you know about some of your nickel-sensitive friends, relatives, or spouses, and some of you don't.

Let's just assume for a minute that all of your friends and relatives have a nickel allergy. Now it's not too likely that that's true, but if you don't know, how can you…