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Brag Book #1 | Beaded Horseshoe Link Bracelet

I just have to show you this niobium bracelet. I love horseshoe links because they just have so much body and gives the bracelet a real personality, but when I put beads along the edges of this chain, it really came to life. Because of the size of the beads compared to the overall size of the links, I couldn't quite get a bead on every single edge (of the wire) but I think I came up with something even better than I had planned. By putting a bead on alternating sides, I was able to get an "stepping stone" look which still flows easily and really speaks to me. How many are there? One. Cuz that's the way I roll. This bracelet is 7-3/4 inches long (19.5 cm). Interested? Click here. 

Note: I'm going to start giving you some more product close-ups and personal perspectives labeled as my "Brag Book" so keep an eye out for more posts like this! -Donna