Coming Out In Color

Double Hoop Niobium Earrings,
Rainbow of Gold, Purple, Blue
I've always loved leather styles, earthy brown and olive green, rough hewn looks. I'm, you know, kind of a hippie chic. And while I still think these styles are great, I've been thinking ...

For a very long time -- after I had learned that my rash was caused by nickel, but before I learned what actually contains nickel and how to avoid it -- the only thing I had really learned was to avoid all metal. That meant that I chose leather and cloth jewelry when I had a chance, and avoided earrings entirely. I cultivated an appreciation of earthy looks, and a severe distrust of anything that was metal, especially silver.

I wonder if this rings true for anyone else out there. I lived by rules that told me to be frightened, and expect pain from anything that was shiny (basically) and my love for an earthier look was really my safety zone - for a while. I had frankly, grown comfortable knowing that most of the jewelry choices out there are simply off limits. And while it's all fine and good to be selective, it's another thing entirely to actually feel afraid of making any other choice.

But guess what kids, my safety zone is wider now, and so is yours. Solid scientific knowledge about what nickel is and how to avoid it has reframed our terrain. Silver is back on the board, and the ability to have jewelry with a rainbow of choices is, frankly, almost too much to absorb.

I find myself reveling in color and actually dressing with it. I like to think that this process of self discovery permeates other areas of my life too - helps me live more aware, more creatively, and a little bolder.

So, really, what's your color?


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