Naturally Ad-Free

Sometimes it's not what is there that makes something really worthwhile. Sometimes the thing you appreciate most is what's not there. It may not be something you notice a lot as you're browsing my sites -- in fact I hope it is not -- but the fact there are no ads on my site is something that I'm especially proud of, and it has not happened by accident.

Like many small sellers, I have gotten offers to splash ads on my blog and my website in the interests of making some small fee associated with this. Honestly, I'm not interested.  I have purposely avoided choosing online site venues that splash ads across everything, and it was a primary factor in my decision to leave ArtFire, after being a happy customer there for a few years already.

I have a little mantra which I use to try to set my brain straight when making choices, and which I do wish other sellers would use more frequently. My mantra is this: "Will it annoy the customer?" Because, you see, I have been that annoyed customer, myself, and I find that it in no way warms my heart to the bringer of the message. This goes for telemarketers, robo-calls(!!!), most ads in general, and in particular ads that try to trick you into thinking they are something they are not. This also goes for most pop-up ads that interrupt what I am doing in the hopes that I will drop everything and click on the shiny button.

As we start living our lives online more and more, and the customs of advertising change, and become either more invasive or more sneaky, our ability to tune them out and get information that is really relevant is challenged almost constantly. 

I mean, sure, I sell jewelry, so my site is basically an ad for that. But I do hope that you find some information that's useful too, and the choice to buy something or not is entirely yours. I do, in fact, trust you to know what you want to read next without the next pop-up ad jumping in your face. 

In fact, as I'm talking about this, it sounds a little like I am talking about my jewelry, because it is also true here, that what's not there is really what makes it stand out. ;)


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