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Honoring the Day

Christmas is coming, in case you haven't noticed.  In the days ahead, some zaniness shall unfold - parties, gifts, wishes fulfilled, cravings indulged. It's not a bad time to think beyond the busy-ness to what you are really bringing to the day. 

When I was a kid, we didn't think we were lacking for much, but living with limited means was really a part of our every day thinking. We had a sense of gift-giving, not only as an object exchanged, but an event to be planned for. We got inventive about certain things. We would sometimes exchange things like colorfully drawn coupons for household chores, or the ever-popular back rubs. Gifts handmade by the giver were especially prized, and doing them in time sometimes required some sneaky spy-work and midnight hours. Sometimes we would plan an elaborate scavenger hunt around the house, wrapping notes inside one box after another, to send the giftee to another corner of the house, to eventually open the true gift. We gave and receiv…