10 Terrific Things About Having a Nickel Allergy

 or, the Nickel Allergy Top-10

You know, sometimes I think that I give the impression that life with a nickel allergy is just one big downer ...  But really my life is so much better since I have discovered that I have a nickel allergy. Maybe you have your own list. Here are just a few things I can think of, right off the top of my head.


Since I only re-discovered I could wear earrings in 2009, I do NOT have a huge backlog of earrings from the '80's. One cannot be too grateful to have avoided such a fate.

In creating and running a business, I have discovered I have a knack for really odd things ... like graphic design,  product photography, and, you know, keeping tents from blowing away in the wind.

I would never have started making my own jewelry at all, if I could have worn jewelry the "easy" way. Allow me a moment, while I ponder the sad little misfit I may have been.  .....

If I HAD started making jewelry (and did not have a nickel allergy), I could easily have fallen into the trap of using nickel-plated clasps and other garbage, which would have caused more nickel allergies for others ... Wow, what a thought.

I get to meet all of my great customers. My customers are so kind, and concerned, and seem to enjoy what I make. I know don't get to meet most of you in person, but you make doing business so enjoyable!


Making jewelry keeps me off the streets. I may have been forced to pursue a life of crime, or worse yet, fiddling ...

I get to hear amazing nickel allergy stories almost every day from people I meet. I mean I just don't think the existing statistics on the nickel allergy quite cover the scope of this problem.

I don't have to keep scratching some mystery rash that causes me chronic pain for the rest of my life. That's a big deal. Like a really big deal.

I get to do THIS all day long if I want to. Have I told you that Anodizing Niobium is really cool?

...and the #1 reason that having a nickel allergy has improved my life ... 

I have conquered my fear of shopping online!


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