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This Is Personal

I have belonged to one Nickel Allergy support group or another (online), for a while now. I am struck by the importance of such a group. I am also struck by its limitations, even dangers. It is not so different than the kind of support group that has always come together around a personal issue - whether it's alcoholism, a child's disability, a cancer diagnosis, or even comparatively simple issues, such as owners of new puppies who really want to keep the carpet clean. These groups arise naturally, often as a result of serious issues that deserve serious answers. They cross traditional borders between medical and mental wellness, and attempt to reach people in the moment to talk them down or boost them up.

So it is with nickel allergy. As much as some people out there may blow off nickel allergy as the kind of medical condition you can ignore, it is not. As much as doctors as a whole may be a great source of knowledge on the subject, nickel allergy also seems to be a blind sp…