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"What IS This Stuff?"

I ask questions. It's just kind of the way I operate. Sometimes answers seem like, you know, answers, and sometimes they just seem like doorways to more questions. This where the real fun awaits, by the way ... 
I was following my train of thought this morning, using my chosen search engine to look for information on questions that occurred to me, beginning with: 
[1] What on earth IS "Fordite"?
I can't even remember how this popped into my head, but believe me, my email inbox is a rich treasure trove of randomly generated distractions. I suppose that had something to do with it. 

Fordite may not have been on the top of your mind when you woke up this morning, but jewelry makers who use beads have heard of it, and some use it and enjoy it. Fordite is sold in the form of beads to jewelry makers and then by consumers. (It is named for the actual Ford cars they are made from.) It is well-known that it is not a stone at all but paint bits from Detroit which were created …